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Other Services Provided by TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd

Air Line Installation Service In Montreal and Its Surroundings

To keep your air compressor running smoothly, it is essential to ensure that you have a fully functional, undamaged and quality air compressor hose. The company TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd offers you a service of design and installation of air lines in Montreal and its surroundings.

The air line is an important component of the compressor in that it ensures stable air pressure, constant power and perfect sealing. Our professional team has the skills to efficiently design reliable air lines. By doing business with us, you have the option of choosing between piping made of galvanized steel, aluminum or copper.

We offer you a bespoke service that takes into account the type of activity you carry out and the format of your compressor. Our technicians use high-end materials, and we take care to adapt the length of the hose according to the connections and connectors of the air lines. We also know the proper techniques to efficiently install pipes. Call TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd without delay!

Equipment Rental Service in Montreal, Quebec

TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd offers an equipment rental service for air compressors and air dryers. Sometimes a customer's machine breaks down; if this customer does not have an emergency backup, all production is stopped until the machine is repaired. Our company helps you counter the problem: we let the activity continue with minimal interruption by delivering equipment to you, either for the short term or long term, anywhere in Montreal and its surroundings, the southern part of Quebec, and Trois-Rivières, all the way to the US border. We also offer you the possibility of purchasing the rented unit at the end of its rental period with a reduced sale price, depending on the duration of this rental.

It may happen that a compressed air system breaks down in the middle of production. This means the production lines are shut down and the affected company cannot continue its operations. This can be very costly for the company. In case of emergency, we can deliver and install machines the same day or within 24 hours, most of the time, depending on the distance between our warehouse and the customer's premises. Trust us, we have high-performance, high-end machines of superior quality. We put our wide range of products at your service, at competitive prices. Rely on TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd to benefit from our know-how and take advantage of our equipment rental service.

Financing Plans

TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd offers financing plans for approved customers if they need it. We offer short-term and long-term plans. We have the option of leasing equipment to the customer and giving the customer the possibility of buying this equipment at the end of the rental period at a reduced price, depending on the duration of the rental.

Equipment Buy-back

In certain situations, TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd can buy back our customers' equipment, regardless of the type or brand.

Lubricant Analysis

TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd offers the lubricant analysis service either for preventive maintenance or to find the machine's internal problem. The oil is sent to laboratories specializing in oil analyzes of all kinds. We can provide the detailed sheet of what can be found in the samples provided.

Moving or Relocation

TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd offers moving and relocation services for our local customers. If a company moves in our service areas or if a company wants to relocate their equipment elsewhere in their factory or warehouse, TLM can take care of everything. We have access to several types of forklifts and transport trucks. Of course, TLM can reconnect the system once it is in its new place.

Full Audits

TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd offers a complete audit service for our customers. With our specially trained technicians and with the tools required for the analysis of compressed air systems, TLM can analyze the air demand necessary for the efficient operation of the required systems. This will then be used to submit a tender to the customer for a complete, reliable, efficient and economical system. We also have used systems in inventory that could meet your compressed air needs.

All-in-one System Designs

TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd offers all-in-one system design service for our customers. With technicians able to weld and manufacture control panels, TLM can manufacture all-in-one systems such as the manufacture of a steel module that can contain a compressor, a dryer, a tank and a control panel. All in one piece that could be moved with a forklift and a simple air line connection.

Panel Designs

TLM Machinery & Equipment Ltd offers panel design services. Some systems need to work a certain way for the customer, and sometimes those systems require a control panel to fulfill that request. We can make simple panels such as light activation to warn of a problem in the system or more complicated panels that control multiple machines! Custom systems are in our large directory of services offered. Contact us today to realize your ideal system.

Our professionals travel everywhere in Montreal and its surroundings, the southern part of Quebec, and Trois-Rivières, all the way to the US border. Call on our courteous team for more information on our services. Contact us.

Bespoke Service

Our competent technicians design and install air lines that are custom made and adapted to your request.

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