Is your compressed air system older than 20 years old? If yes it’s most likely time to invest in a new one. Maintenance and repairs cost a lot more on older systems… just like a car… if you keep it 20 years, expensive parts will start breaking down one after another and you will have more and more maintenance/repairs to do on the machine. The costs of those repairs at the end are often equivalent to the cost of a brand new machine with warranty if not more. Plus parts for systems that old are often no longer being produced… Note, we offer financing plans…

Compressed air systems can be the core to any manufacturer, whether it’s for clothing, food, bottled liquids, etc. No air means no production… No production means loss of revenue. Some don’t realise that without compressed air the entire company can be affected. Having a spare compressor or keeping the main unit maintained by a qualified technician is a must, not just your in-house technician but someone who knows and studied the field. You wouldn’t try to change your vehicles transmission or motor, etc. in your driveway now would you?

We understand that young buyers are trying to prove to their bosses that they can find cheaper parts by shopping around, a mistake that will become costly for the company in the future every time. Pirate/Aftermarket/Jobber parts are cheap in quality hence the price tag and won’t last as long as a genuine part. You might save a few dollars initially but when your separator explodes and you get oil returns in your intake and your air lines… you will have to have that fixed and cleaned immediately and halt production until the repairs are done. Using non genuine parts on compressed air systems will also instantly void any warranty on the machines too. Would you rent a 1-2 stars hotel room on vacation instead of 3 or 4 stars for few bucks less… unlikely! You’ll pay the extra coin because you know you’ll get better service and be much more satisfied in the end.

There is no need to ‘’cut cost’’ on a very important piece of equipment since you will end up paying more later on by doing that. A lot of companies rely on compressed air. Don’t play around and cut corners. The cost of the labour ends up being very expensive because you thought you were saving money, especially if the repairs have to be done outside normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm).

It’s always better to have a good running compressed air system than one that can break down anytime. Spending on genuine parts and minimal maintenance labour is ALWAYS cheaper than an emergency repair that could’ve been avoided. If your car starts to have engine trouble or blue smoke comes out of the exhaust, you will get to the garage as soon as possible… It’s the same thing with compressed air systems.

Every one of our customers in the past that cut corners on maintenance and parts in our last 30 plus years eventually paid the price. Avoid this mistake and do it right!

If the parts you are looking for aren’t in the store please contact us and it will be our pleasure to help you out! There are lots of parts to list and we will be adding more and more in time!