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High-performance Industrial Air Dryers in Montreal, Quebec

HUMIDITY! An unwanted nuisance in all air lines. Your plant itself can be the source of many inconveniences related to condensed water or excessive humidity in your air lines. The climate in Canada, specifically Quebec, can be very problematic and worsen the accumulation of water in the air lines regardless of the season. Moisture can cause damage to equipment at the end of the line, as well as rust, bacteria and other problems.

For this, TLM offers different types of air dryers from Gardner Denver, Altec Air and Parker Zander to meet all our customers' budgets.

Refrigerated Dryers

These dryers remove moisture with an internal system similar to a heat pump. A freon compressor is used to dry the air that passes through the lines. Different voltages are available for these machines, from 120 volts AC to 600 volts AC. These machines can be very important in the industrial field for the preservation of equipment connected to air lines, for manufactured products and for the health of workers. Versions at high temperature are also available.

Desiccant Dryers

The use of these air dryers is seen more in cold environments or in compressed air systems that run cooler. Moisture is absorbed by desiccant beads inside a canister. The beads must be replaced at specific intervals, depending on the use.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a price on an air dryer or to place your orders today! Our company serves Montreal and its surroundings, the southern part of Quebec, as well as Trois-Rivières and Ottawa, all the way to the US border.

Super Efficient Dryers!

Our air dryers have proven efficiency in our industry.

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